ALL Tubalco Tilts have a Tilt control which can be used remotely. This allows the carer to face the user while operating the tilt, thus giving the user more confidence. A smooth tilting movement can be achieved with the cable release and gas strut combination. This smooth action helps reduce user anxiety. There are dead stops at both ends of the tilt angle.


Teen Swing Away

The Teen Swing Away mobile shower commode has the following features:-

  • Seat width of 40cm/16” x Depth 36cm/14”
  • Height Adjustable Swing-away foot rests which are suitable for use with thin/fragile skin
  • Lift up arms, with optional padded arms rests and safety rails
  • Durable stainless steel frame either powder coated or polished
  • Pan rails, no pan carrier required
  • 125mm x 35mm castors which are made from stainless steel, plus other corrosion resistant materials. 2 of these castors are totally locking.
  • Padded back or flexible PVC backrest straps.
  • Seat is optional
  • Special foot rest hangers for shorter legs optional
  • A range of attractive, cheerfully coloured, or white, upholstery
  • Very stable base with large footprint.
  • Articulated Head rest is available.
Teen 35° Tilt
Seat Width 40cm/16”
Height adjustable Yes
Arms Padded and locking arm rests which swing up and out of the way for easy side transfer.
Foot rests swingaway foot rests.
which are suitable for use with fragile/thin skin.
Pan rails Yes
Pan available, no pan carrier required.
Frame type Heavy duty stainless steel frame.
Castors 4 Totally locking castors. The 125mm x 35mm castors are made from stainless steel and other corrosion resistant materials.
Calf Rests N/A
Backrest straps Flexible PVC backrest straps
Max User weight Recommended 100kg
Additional Information Grab rails and heel straps available
High and low backs.
Articulated Head rest available.