Seating – TRUlife Comfort Seating System

TRU Comfort Seating System

The new Synergy® TRU-ComfortTM seating system provides the benefits of adjustable positioning and pressure management while maintaining a sporty and stylish look. TRU-Comfort’s innovative lumbar and lateral bolsters easily adjust to deliver personalised comfort. TRU-Comfort offers positioning through the medial thigh support of 31.8mm in height and the lateral thigh support of 49.8mm in height. This support comes from the cushion base design with these features not appearing as dramatic due to the properties of the upper layer of viscoelastic foam which is pulled down at the peaks by the cover. TRU-Comfort also keeps the occupant from slouching forward due to the lower back to front to base design.



Unique combination of AIR and GEL technology effectively provides pressure relief and comfort to the high risk user.

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Gelcell G2

The 48 cells are split into two separate air chambers allowing the air pressure to be adjusted differently on either side of the cushion, each cell is covered with a layer of silicone TruGel.

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Unique combination of TruGel and FloGel work together effectively to provide excellent pressure relief and weight distribution

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Easy to use – Ideal pressure relieving cushion for use in the Nursing home environment.

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An ultra light cushion that benefits from four sections of FloGel being positioned into a polyurethane (pu) base with a Viscoelastic foam upper layer.

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  • Ultra-soft, leather-like cover
  • High density HR polyurethane base for long lasting comfort
  • Sensus viscoelastic foam top layer to manage pressure, promote proper circulation and provide comfort
  • Easily added to TRU-Balance® and other Synergy® seats
  • Adjustable lumbar support and lateral bolsters to dial in positioning comfort
  • Modular seating components allow use of alternate seating cushions
  • T-slot channel for easy swingaway lateral attachment and Adjustment