Seating – Air Foam & Gel (AFG) Cushion

Air Foam & Gel (AFG) Cushion

The memory foam is saturated in a Gel solution and maintained in a one valve air compartment. It is designed for easy adjustment and aimed for low to low /medium risk patients. A very cost effective cushion with a washable and removable cover.

The Air Foam & Gel (AFG) Cushion  is a well designed  wheelchair cushion which combines memory foam, gel and air to create an ultimate seating comfort.

The cushion has the ability to regulate the upward pressure exerted on the occupant, by releasing air through a valve. Once the optimal comfort position is reached the valve can then be closed to retain the cushion’s shape.

This pressure regulating cushion is a good alternative and necessary addition to any seating package. It provides the perfect equilibrium of comfort for wheelchair user and in addition offers low to medium risk of developing pressure skin breakdown.

  • Air release valve creates pressure equilibrium between the cushion and the user for maximum comfort.
  • Inner airtight bladder houses a combination of memory foam, gel and air.
  • Combination of memory foam gel and air retains its shape under vacuum to reduce pressure for the user.
  • Air pressure release valve to create vacuum.
  • Soft breathable cover promotes air circulation and prevents “hammocking” when the user is seated.
  • Zippered removable fully washable cover included
  • Non Slip Beads & Velcro on the underside of the cushion to prevent cushion sliding
  • Easy Carry Hand Strap
  • Air Flow Gell Cushions with Black cover, with standard valve position

Sizes Available
18W x 19D (45 x 45cm) x 3”7
16W x 17D(40 x 43cm) x 3”7
18W x 20D (45 x 50cm) x 3”7
20W x 20D (50 x 50cm) x 3”7