The Quantum® 6000 incorporates aggressive new features, powerful 4-pole Hammer motors, and our patent pending Mid-Wheel 6TM design platform to deliver unmatched performance and tight-space maneuverability while delivering limitless rehab capability.

Drive wheels: 35.5 cm (14″) pneumatic
Omni casters: Front: 13 cm (5″) solid
Rear: 15 cm (6″) solid
Up to 8 km/h (5 mph)1
Intelligent Braking (electronic, regenerative disc brakes)
Suspension: Active-Trac® ATX Suspension with integrated rear dual-strut suspension and articulating
caster beam
Maximum speed: Up to 10 km/ph (6 mph)
Brakes: Intelligent Braking
(electronic, regenerative disc brakes)
Ground clearance: 9 cm (3.5″)
Turning radius: 56 cm (22″)
Overall size: Length: 96.5 cm (38″) (without foot-riggings)
Width: 65 cm (25.75″)
Optional seating: Synergy® Seat
Adjustable width: 25cm-51cm (10″-20″)
Adjustable depth: 25cm-51cm(10″-20″)
TRU-Balance® Power Positioning System
Adjustable Width:
Adjustable Depth: 35.5cm-51cm(14″-20″)
Drive Train: Two-motor, mid-wheel drive
Batteries: Two 12 volt, deep cycle
Group 24, 75AH
Range Per Charge: Up to 40 km (25 miles)
Battery Charger: 8A, Lester off-board
Electronics: 100A, PG Remote Plus controller
Weight Capacity: 136 kg (300 lbs.) maximum (user weight)
Base Weight: 71 kg (157.5 lbs.)
Battery Weight: 24 kg (53.5 lbs.) (each)

Omni Casters:


Maximum Speed:

Ground Clearance:
Turning Radius:
Overall Size:

Optional Seating:
Adjustable Width:
Adjustable Depth:
TRU-Balance® Power Positioning System
Adjustable Width:
Adjustable Depth:
Drive Train:

Battery Charger:

Weight Capacity:

Base Weight:
Battery Weight:

Metalic red metalic blue Metalic black
Metallic Red Metallic Blue Metallic Black
Metalic Silver sunburst orange
Metallic Silver Sunburst Orange

Solid tyres
Swing-away joystick
Multi-axis joystick mount
Elevating leg rests
Oxygen tank holder
Neoprene leg rest sleeves
Gel adductor buttons
Vent tray
TRU-Balance® power positioning
TRU-Balance® power elevating seat
Angle-adjustable footplates
Lap belt
High-mount foot platform
70° HD drop-in footrests
Residual limb supports