Jazzy (Quantum) 1420

Jazzy 1420 also known as the Quantum 1420 powered wheelchair

The Jazzy 1420 offers an incredible balance of performance, styling and rehab capabilities. Designed especially for people with rehab needs, the 1420 accepts a broad range of seating options.

The fully programmable digital controller uses plug-and-play technology to interface with a wide variety of specialised driver controls. In addition the 1420’s 41cm knobby drive wheels, adjustable front anti-tips, Active-Trac Suspension and patented two motor mid-wheel drive deliver superb outdoor performance without compromising indoor manoeuvrability. Equipped with a standard high torque motor package and available with all Jazzy options and accessories, the Jazzy 1420 is the ideal Power Chair for all your rehab needs.

The Quantum 1420 delivers remarkable rehab versatility along with exclusive performance.

Feature such as Active Trac Suspension, Synergy seating, and a 35 Stone-500 lb weight capacity combine creating a truly outstanding powerchair.

  • Independent rear and Active-Trac suspension for outstanding outdoor performance
  • Adjustable front anti-tips
  • Powerful, patented two motor mid-wheel drive design provides outstanding maneuverability
  • Car transportable (Not available with Versa Tilt Seat Option)
  • Low centre of gravity design delivers a very smooth and stable ride
  • 41 cm (16″) knobby drive wheels and optimum weight distribution provide superior traction
  • Speed range adjustable up to 9 kmph (6 mph)
  • Up to a weight capacity of 170kg (375 lbs)
  • Ergonomically enhanced seating
Weight Capacity: 35 Stone 7lbs (500 lb) Drive Train: Two motor – Mid wheel drive
Maximum Speed: 4 mph (6kph) Braking System: Intelligent braking – electronic, regenerative disc brakes
Ground Clearance: 4.5″ (11 cm) Electronics: PG Drives – Pilot Plus 70 amp
Turning Radius: 22.5″ (57 cm) Standard Footrest: Footboard
Overall Length: 46″ (116.84 cm) Battery Charger: On-board, 8 amp
Overall Width: 27.25″ (69.215 cm) Battery Requirements: Two x 12 volt – 70 amp
Drive Wheels: 16″ (41 cm) Battery Weight: 53.5 lb (24 kg) each
Castor Wheels (rear): 9″ (23 cm) Base Weight: 141.5 lb (64 Kg) (refers to the weight of the base section only)
Anti Tips (front): 8″ (20 cm) (solid) Seat Weight: Seat Weight will change by selected seat size and options chosen.
Active-Trac & rear castor
Seating Options: Synergy® Seat
Adjustable Width: 14” -24” (35.5 cm – 61 cm) Adjustable Depth: 14” -24” (35.5 cm – 61 cm))TRU-Comfort
Adjustable Width: 116”, 18”, 20” or 22″ (41 cm, 46 cm, 51 cm, 56cm)
Adjustable Depth: 116”, 18”, 20” or 22″ (41 cm, 46 cm, 51 cm, 56cm)

Note: All specifications subject to change without notice.

The information contained herein is correct at the time of publication; due to the manufacturer’s commitment to constant improvement and development, they reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.

candy apple red viperblue
Candy Apple Red
Viper Blue
The following are additional colours choice – dependant of availablity
champagne onyx black purple
Champagne Onyx Black Purple

Available Model Options

Tru Comfort 70 Degree Swing-Away Leg Rests
Synergy Seating 70 Degree Drop in, Angle and Depth Adjustable
Tru Balance1 Power Tilt 70 Degree Euro Style Power Elevating Leg Rests
Tru Balance2 Power Recline 70 Degree Powered Elevating & Articulating Leg Rst
10″ Arm Pad Power Elevating and Articulating Footboard (AFP)
14″ Arm Pad Stumpboards Left/Right
10″ Waterfall Pad Rehab Headrests Small
14″ Waterfall Pad Rehab Headrests Large
Flat Euro Style Pad Stealth Headrest-Small
Quick Height Adjustable Centre Mounted Stealth Headrest-Large
Synergy Cane Mounted Flip Up Arms Stealth Swing-Away Lateral Supports (3″ x 5″ pad)
Tool Height Adjustable Centre Mounted Stealth Swing-Away Lateral Supports (4″ x 6″ pad)
Tru Balance Flip Up Arm Rests Extra Positioning Links for Stealth Laterals
Footboard Tru Comfort Lateral Supports
Residual Limb Support-Left/Right Leg Tru Balance Lateral Supports
T Bar Footboard

These are the available options for this model. You will be able to include any of these items on your Pride product.