There are two kinds of wheelchair. Some look for the easy track and go where they are able to. Others choose the pleasing route and go where they wish. The second of these is the FOUR X.


Powerful wheel motors, a patented spring chassis solution and a centre of gravity seat adjustment improve decisively the balance and wheel grip, wherefore the FOUR X is safe to drive on steep hills as well as over cumbersome thresholds and paving stones.

Convenience of use

The FOUR X guarantees a soft and agreeable drive, also on uneven surfaces due to the unique spring based structure shock absorbers.


Use of the FOUR X decreases helper and transport requirements. You can move without worry in places you have never dreamed of before. With the aid of the upright position raiser, independent survival is possible at the bank cash dispenser as well as at home in the kitchen.

The Four X Wheelchair is designed for adults however Motion Wheelchairs can customise this chair for teenagers on the go.

Width 69,5 cm
Height 70-85 cm
Length 100 cm
Weight (with battery) 120 kg (130 kg)
Turning radius: 1,15 m
Drive distance with one charging: ~ 35 km
Centre of gravity adjustment: 25 cm
Speed: 10 km/h
Gradient use: 20o

Please ask about additional colours.
Dependent on availability.