Permobile Helium LS and LSE

Stand, and Rise to the Ocasion!

The Helium LS and LSE are ideal for people who need to stand up, but are unable to do so on their own. The LS offers a manual standing feature, while the LSE provides a power function. Both chairs are constructed of innovative, high tech materials and ergonomically-friendly. Armrests, knee supports and a chest belt help ensure comfort and stability, while a rear axle center of gravity adjustment provides superior maneuverability.

The LS and LSE allow users to participate in everyday activities with their family, friends and co-workers. The ultra-lightweight frame makes it easy to take the Helium almost anywhere. The chairs also support an array of medical benefits, such as: increased moscle tone; strengthened bones; improved circulation and digestion, as well as reduced spasticity.

Electronic Actuator for power standing

Rear axle center of gravity adjustment

Flip-up armrests for torso stability

Patented back angle compensation system

Maximum User Weight 265 lbs 120 kg
Width 22.5″ — 29.5″ 570 — 750 mm
Length 35″ — 42″ 890 — 1070 mm
Recline Options 87° — 102°
Seat to Floor Height 20″ 510 mm
Seat Widths 14″, 16″, 17.5″, 19″ 360, 400, 440 480 mm
Seat Depths 16″ — 21.5″ 410 — 550 mm
Backrest Heights 12.5″, 16″, 20.5″ 320, 400, 520 mm
Black phantomGrey cobaltBlue colour_pVRed
Black Silver Metalic Blue Red